Check out our Butterbeer moustache 😬✌️ Had such an amazing time at the Harry Potter studio tour yesterday, reliving the series that practically made up my childhood, being blown away by the intricacies that made up the sets and props (the blueprints and models were just, WOW), and just surrounded by all that magic made me feel like a child again and sorely tempted to rewatch the whole series. On a side note, Butterbeer tastes like root beer float, w an extra yummy caramel vanilla foam 😋 aaaand look I’m in Diagon Alley!! (at Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour)

Goodbye Germany - here is to a good 6 days of being surrounded by nature, on the road for hours on end where the road stretches endlessly, glorious blue skies and also being cut off from the world because there was no wi-fi heh. T’was refreshing, to say the least :’) (at Frankfurt Hahn)

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And oh, these things that makes you feel so alive ☺️😍 (at Cloef-Atrium)